Editing Exercise: Student Health Information on Controlled Substances

You can view my revision of Utah State University’s student health information on controlled substances. This was an extensive project which involved major structural editing, minor copyediting, and the creation of a style sheet.  My edits included:

  • Grouping the information into sections with headings for each type of controlled substance to provide better organization
  • Breaking long paragraphs into bulleted lists to make the information easier to read
  • Creating a new title to more accurately describe the document’s content

I have included this document in my portfolio to convey the following:

  • My copyediting and structural editing skills
  • My thoroughness and attention to detail
  • My ability to create and use a style sheet
  • My commitment to a project and my willingness to put forth a great deal of time and effort in order to produce a quality document
  • My ability to revise health related information for a wide audience

Click below to see each project component.

“After” document

“Before” document

Copymarked original

Structural editing process

Memo describing edits (includes instructor comments on the project)

Style sheet

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